Benefits of recycling

Recycling is a means by which unwanted materials are taken and transformed into new useable ones. This is one of the major ways by which one can reduce the damage caused to the environment on a constant basis. Children need to be taught the importance of recycling by parents and teachers. This will help them identify the various reasons by which recycling can benefit the environment and also motivate them to do their little for the same.

Here are some of the benefits of recycling which I feel everyone must know.

  1. Protecting the environment – recycling reduces the amount of waste that is being dumped on earth. Almost 60% of what we consider as waste in our house can be recycled in one way or the other, reducing the amount of waste that is being thrown into landfills. Landfills are places where all the waste is dumped and closed to decompose. Due to lack of water and air, most of the items that are being thrown away stay in their original state for many years.
  2. Conserve the limited resources – one of the benefits of recycling is that it helps conserve the available resources that are limited in nature. For example: water, metals, paper etc are some of the resources that need to be conserved.
  3. Energy efficiency – yes, recycling certain materials can help in increasing energy efficiency. The time and energy taken to extract, process and transport certain metals and ores is reduced to a minimum by way of recycling the available products.
  4. Creates job opportunities – recycling opens up job opportunities for many people. Since the waste generated is more, so are the various areas of recycling. Dharavi is a place in Mumbai, India where you can find waste being sorted out for recycling. Fiber/metal sheets for roofs, recycled bags, cardboards etc are some of the outcome which one can come across, giving rise to a whole new industry and job opportunities for people.

With some notable benefits, we must all join together in this endeavor to create a greener planet for the young generation to live.

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