Bed time stories for little children

Stories – the very word brings us many childhood memories. Memories of grand-mom telling stories of kings and queens, prince and fairies and many more linger in our minds and at times give us goose bumps too. Stories are not only good to hear, but can also teach us many values which are important in life.

These days, with many nuclear families, parents have to imbibe these values in their children. As most of the time both the parents go to work, the only time available to spend with their children is at dinner time and afterwards. Reading stories at bed time has its own set of benefits. Here are some of them.

  1. It builds a rapport between the parents and the child, making the bond of love grow stronger.
  2. Stories help children add new words to their vocabulary, helping them express their thoughts in a better way.
  3. Reading stories at bed time just emphasizes the fact that reading is relaxing and pleasurable activity. This develops interest in the child to read more.
  4. It triggers their imagination and relaxes their mind. Not only is this activity good for the brain, but also for the body. When the child holds the book and flips pages, it encourages motor development in a relaxed manner.
  5. Stories can help a child develop mannerisms, good-positive attitude and develop their overall self in a positive way. It is therefore required that parents choose the right book targeting the values they like to imbibe in their children.

Children find many surprising elements in books; they just need to be introduced to this art of reading.  Depending on the age of the child, parents can move from very simple to more challenging books over a period of time.

Children always want their parents’ attention and one way to satisfy their needs of giving them the attention they demand is at bedtime reading stories. With parents hardly finding time to spend with their children, this can be a good, noble and interesting way to make it up to them.

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