Advantages of Social Studies

Social Studies seems a boring and useless subject to most of us. But the truth is actually different. It is one of the most interesting subject that comes with a galore of advantages. So teachers need to procure adequate knowledge in this subject and plan their lessons accordingly. Social studies does not confine itself to a few known branches but has expanded its scope to different areas as follows:

  • History
  • Geography
  • Civics
  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • Sociology
  • Archeology
  • Anthropology
  • Culture

These are the areas that focus primarily on the human behaviors and their individual interactions with the world, cultures and the society. History gives us a glance of the past events and helps the growth of the society based on the past experiences. Students often find it difficult to get jobs due to their ignorance about the social knowledge. Anthropology is another area that helps us to know, study the evolution of the human life and modern forensics. This also aids in understanding the human body along with the cultural and racial differences.

Economics, Law and Political science are the important wings of social studies. These help us to understand the distribution of wealth worldwide and the impact of various phases like recession, boom, inflation, unemployment, taxation, investment etc. Every person needs to know the law of his/ her country. The making of laws, their enforcements, Rights of the citizens, can be learnt when students learn social studies.

Geography helps us to understand the formation of life on earth including the weather conditions, natural calamities, the location of various places etc. A student can learn this through social studies alone.

There are a few other areas like psychology which is also connected to social studies. Psychology is important to know the working of the human brain and this helps the students to know the impact of chemicals on their body and the functioning of the brain. Another area to be focused is that of communication as this helps the students to speak and understand the languages.

I guess now you agree that social studies has a lot of benefits. It helps us to be responsible members of the society and control crime. It aids in increasing the knowledge of moral and ethical values. Now it is up to the teachers to prepare and teach their lessons well.

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