Activities for children with ADHD

Choosing an activity for children with ADHD is a challenge faced by teachers and parents. It is important to choose the right group activity for these children. Identifying and changing every game looking into the disability of the child.

Children with ADHD, need a little push towards the right direction, since they are smart as any other child and only suffer from a little attention deficit. Here are some examples of group activities which can help ADHD children.

  1. Sports – ADHD children are always bubbling with energy and as such they need to exhaust their excessive energy. Playing games such as football, soccer, badminton etc helps them become active participants, without laying emphasis on their disability. Sports require physical exertion and stamina, which will help children develop a focus and goal towards participating in the activity.
  2. Scouts and camps – several useful lessons are learnt by joining scouts or going to camps. Children will get an opportunity to indulge themselves in activities which are competitive in nature.
  3. Martial arts – martial arts teach children the art of concentration and focus, which is really helpful for ADHD children. They also help in relaxing channelizing their energy towards something beneficial for them.
  4. Drama – drama is a way of expressing their feelings and displaying what they like to do best.

Different children find various activities intriguing and take an interest to some particular ones. Getting them involved in an activity which they like and can also relax at the same time, helps them learn and also overcome some disabilities which they may have.

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