Q. Mrs Packletide's Tiger:

Any five characteristics of Mrs Packletide

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Answer 1

Mrs. Packeltide had a hollow personality. She was a fame seeker.Her thoughs were governed by actions of the people she hated. She was an extra vagent money spender she had a very less knowledge in economics hence never knew where to spend efficiently.

Answer 2

Mrs. Packletide is a very competitive women, who can go to any extent to outshine her rivals. 
The protagonist  is a very flaunty and hollow character, who's thoughts and movements are not governed by love or hunger, but by dislike of her rivals. 
She spends a big amount of money worthlessly, to kill a tiger (that too, and old one) which reflects how foolish she is. 
Completely inhumane and heartless, Mrs. Packletide unecessarily suffers loss of money in the end, all beacuse of her wrong intentions. 

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Any five characteristics of Mrs Packletide