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Get Ahead Program for Kindergarten
Get Ahead Program for Kindergarten LKG Mathematics, English And General Awareness Worksheets UKG Mathematics, English And General Awareness Worksheets Nursery Rhymes Volume 1 -3 (USB) Edurite's Get Ahead Program for Kindergarten is everything you need to get your child ready for school...More >>
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LKG Mathematics, English and General Awareness Worksheets
Edurite LKG / KG 1 worksheets is the best way to start your child's education. They are colourful, they are interesting, they challenge your child and what is more, they are super fun !!   Your child learns new concepts and understand the basics in a completely stress free way. Their handwriting impro..More >>
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KG 1 Mathematics and English Worksheets
KG 1 MATHEMATICS AND ENGLISH Worksheet Solutions are available at Online. Young children are generally motivated to learn about everything, they usually have a strong desire to find out and share information. It is important to encourage children by exhibiting enthusiasm and curiosity – ..More >>
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KG 1 Mathematics Worksheets
KG 1 MATHEMATICS WORKSHEETS It is important to remember that every child’s learning style is different from the other. Simply showing figures and getting students to count will not be enough. Edurite carries fun activities while learning as we want to cover all types of learners. We bring fun-filled l..More >>
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KG 1 English Worksheets
KG 1 ENGLISH  Students gain knowledge in a creative and open-minded environment with strong emphasis given to individual learning styles. The activities for the students are planned and designed to grab their attention in learning, supporting them to be creative and at the same time to motivate their aspira..More >>
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General Awareness LKG
Worksheets are an effective way of teaching kids and helping them learn the syllabus efficiently. Avoid the stress of sending your child to tuitions, as the Edurite LKG worksheets are a smart way for students to improve educational grades and accomplish excellence in studies. Just ask our experts who are available o..More >>
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