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Edurite Get Ahead Program for Class 1
Edurite Get Ahead Program for Class 1 CBSE Class 1 Maths and Social Studies(DVD) Class 1 Maths, English and EVS worksheets Integrated English DVD(CD Pack)   With Edurite worksheets you are giving your child a head start in his/her learning journey.  Class 1 is the first an..More >>
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Class 1 Mathematics, English and Environmental Science Worksheets
CLASS 1 MATHEMATICS ,ENGLISH AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Edurite worksheets give your child a flying start in his/her academic journey.  Class 1 brings a strong foundation as children start their education. The best way for parents to bring out the expert in Math and English language is to..More >>
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Class 1 Mathematics Worksheets
CLASS 1 MATHEMATICS Math is not just a subject but a life skill. Math helps in managing time and saves money. Math is the language of explanation, it is practical and rational. Practicing math problems is the best way for you to build up your child’s expertise. Work as many problems as you want to, because..More >>
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Class 1 Environmental Science Worksheets
CLASS 1 ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Environmental Science teaches us about natural and constructed environments. It raises awareness of issues impacting the environment which we all depend on. Science activities are essential for children to develop their individual needs. Science theories require adequate intell..More >>
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Class 1 English Worksheets
CLASS 1 ENGLISH Class 1 is where it all starts! It’s not just an introduction or first step to advanced concepts. In this grade, the important building blocks that will be used throughout your children’s lives are laid and their love or hatred for a subject sets in. Your child will need the best lear..More >>
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